Here's what Amble Tech is working on...We're really excited & we hope you are too!

Amble "Trek" Campaign

Video Demonstration (0:49) 

Transition Demonstration

Prototype Demo (0:36)


  • Easily and effortlessly pick-up dropped items (remotes, pencils, pens, papers, forks).

  • Virtually eliminates tipping.

  • Facilitates Ground Transfers

  • Play in your backyard
  • Conquer the Outdoors (sand, shallow mud, hills, trails)

Clinical Benefits


↓ Pressure Sores

↓ Leg pooling

↓ Muscle Stiffness

↓ Spasticity

↓ Fatigue

Engineering Benefits

Practical Indoor/Outdoor

↑ Lowered Center of Gravity

↑ Range of Motion 

↑ Traction and Stability (SUV vs. Indycar)

↑ Maneuverability

↑ Safety

↑ Speed

Emotional Benefits


↑ Freedom

↑ Self Reliance

↑ Confidence

↑ Entertainment/Excitement

Imagine the Possibilities

  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Gardening
  • Power Soccer

The Amble Tech Story

Amble Tech is a by-product of a relentless entrepreneur by the name of  Charles Edward Johnson. Ed, as he likes to be called, is the inventor & inspiration behind the Life Changing Chair (LCC). The LCC is a personal mobility device that delivers an unmatched range of motion, versatility, and enjoyment. Our users are calling us the Jeep Wrangler™ of wheelchairs because of our GAWC (Ground-Access-Wheel-Chair) technology.  

Ed, a lifelong and avid outdoorsman, can often be found hunting, fishing, gardening or just playing in the backyard with his kids.  Tragically, on Sept. 10,1999 Ed was involved in an accident that left him paralyzed.  This tragedy was compounded after realizing he would be forced to give up his favorite activities. Activities he had spent a lifetime mastering.  After Ed's accident he noticed there were a lack of multipurpose wheelchairs that would safely allow him to pursue his passion for the outdoors, including his backyard.  Years of frustration coupled with a spark of genius led Ed to begin development on a revolutionary power wheelchair. His creation, the Life Changing Chair, doesn't fall short of its name. Ed can once again join his friends and family in his favorite outdoor activities.  Our chair delivers the only mobile Ground Access Wheel Chair.  GAWC.  Check out the videos above and imagine the possibilities.